Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blogs I Love Right Now

Happy Weekend!

It is a beautiful 30 today, still, with wispy clouds. Dave isn't feeling well so he went back to bed, hopefully he'll feel better and we can head to the beach. I've been killing time by looking up hotels for our stay in Indianapolis in July!

I thought that I might post about some of the blogs that I'm loving right now, it could be fun to look back on and see if I still read them in a year!

So, in no particular order....

Bring the Rain
Angie Smith is one of my Christian hero's. She always encourages and inspires me. Her and her family's story will wrench at your heart, but then in her beautiful way, Angie will make you laugh whilst you cry along with her. You can feel her love for God in every post and she never fails to point the reader towards Him, and at the same time you will fall off your chair laughing over the latest sayings and antics of her four girls. Love her! Like she loves Beth Moore!

Enjoying the Small Things

Kelle writes so beautifully about the everyday things in life and inspires me to look for the beauty in the normal too. And her photography is stunning! She writes about chalk drawing on the footpath, swimming at the beach, dancing in the rain, baking, nap times, morning bed hair. Her account of the birth of their second daughter (Nella has down syndrome) is...beautiful, poignant, moving. A beautiful story of their family's life that doesn't always work out the way they plan, but is usually even more beautiful in the imperfect.

Young House Love

This is the blog that started my love of blogs! John and Sherry note all their house decorating, renovating, moving, inspirations and more on this blog - both the triumphs and the trials. They are witty and stylish and have a cute dog and baby to boot!

Our Happily Ever Afters

I love reading Ashley's blog. She's just an ordinary girl serving an extraordinary God, plus she loves Disney, maybe even more than me!

Our Family Advocating for the Orphan

This family's story and gotcha day video really birthed a desire to adopt within my heart. I love reading about their latest adoption plans for their new little boy! Kristi is sooo passionate about adoption and taking care of orphans, and if she doesn't inspire you to I don't know what will!

There are others, but these are my favourite at the moment! Plus Dave just woke up so we're heading off to the beach!

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