Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Back in October I read this post by Ashley Lancaster.

I then watched a video Ashley posted, then watched another and another, following links on YouTube until I finally stumbled onto this video: Lucy Lane's Gotcha Day

This video changed my life.

I showed it to Dave, then my parents, then my sister, basically anyone I could make sit in front of a computer for 10 minutes.

Every single time I would be in tears.

God was breaking my heart for His little ones.

I announced to Dave that I wanted to adopt one day. He was slightly less enthusiastic about it!

So I prayed about it. I asked God that if it is something that He wants us to do then I would let Him place it on Dave's heart too.

Over the next couple of months I kept finding and reading adoption blogs, and watching more gotcha day videos and I bawled over everyone. You know, the ugly cry.

Then one day when talking about adoption Dave asked if we would ever have any of our own biological children - I think he thought because I had been talking so much about adoption that I meant that we should only adopt! When I said I wanted to do both he was clearly relieved. It was only a few weeks later that he said he wanted to adopt too!

For us right now adoption is something that is in the future. Victorian and Australian Law makes it extremely (read: ridiculously) hard to adopt, especially for international adoption. One of the main regulations is that you must be finished having biological children before you can adopt! Crazy, no?

There is a whole lot of other rules and red tape that almost discourages you from even wanting to go down the adoption path here in Australia. But we are not discouraged. If God wants us to adopt He will make a way!

One of the ideas we have is to apply for the USA's DV lottery in October this year. This will give us an American greencard if we get through the process. Extreme I know, but if it is all part of God's plan, He will take care of it all.

So for now I keep praying. Praying for others adopting, praying that God will make our path clear.

If you could pray for us too that would be great!

Have a lovely evening!

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