Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life Imagined

Because life is what we make it, and all too often I really don’t make that much of it. I was thinking about life and what I want from it, and last night at our life group we were talking about living a Kingdom first kind of life and that started me thinking.

And me thinking is often a bad idea, just ask my husband!

But anyway, my thinking led to a list of things that I imagine for and about my life. I simply started writing my list, I didn’t over think it, I didn’t even make it overly spiritual, I just listed whatever came to mind.

So, here it is, in all its incompleteness and changeableness

1. I want to do something with my life. Not just anything ordinary, I want to live an extraordinary life.

2. I want to find a job that I love, that pays me well, that I can do when and how I want to.

3. I want to have a house with a pool and a big kitchen where family and friends gather, where kids run around in the yard, where the guys stand around the BBQ, and the girls giggle and chat.

4. I want to find more joy and beauty in life, in the everyday.

5. I want to raise children who are independent, loving, caring individuals. Children who are confident, are fearless, friendly and generous, who stand up for what is right, and care about people who are different.

6. I want to make holidays and birthdays incredibly meaningful and special.

7. I want to create memories out of everyday life.

8. I want to create a wonderful magical childhood for my children one day, with dining table forts, chalk drawing on the footpath, baking, dress-ups, crafting and creating, box cars, tree houses, mud pies, ice-cream, a love of books, picnics, beach trips, bubble blowing, cupcakes…you get the idea

9. Sweet night time prayers with our littles when we have them.

10. I want to create more - art, writing, learning how to take beautiful photographs

Enjoying the start to the weekend!

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