Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Grand Canyon

This massive canyon isn’t called Grand for no reason. It is quite possibly God’s best work. Well, right after us humans, since we are the ones made in His image, not the canyon.
But this place just blows your mind.

We opted to stay at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, a less touristy, more out of the way side of the canyon. In fact the North Rim is actually closed six months of the year – it gets snowed in!

Basically our trip had to revolve around our stay here at the canyon because it was the first thing we booked, even before our flights were booked and we had been granted our holiday leave by our employers! We booked back in December and this is a must (due to the whole only open six months thing).

We spent the night before the Grand Canyon in Sedona, Arizona (yes that rimes!) and the whole drive from there to the North Rim was indescribably, spectacularly beautiful. Most of the photos we took on the way are either through the windows of the car, or by one of us hanging the camera out of the car! If we had stopped every time we saw something stunning we would still be driving!

We arrived at the North Rim with our eyeballs seared with beauty, and then the Grand Canyon just finished the job off. Wow.

I actually got a little teary as I stood on the path outside our cabin and looked at the unobstructed view we had of the canyon.

Enjoy these photos (just a tiny sample of the 300 or so that we took!)


  1. WOW! I've been there too... when I was 9 years old!!
    I should revisit to recapture it's "Grandness".

    nice pics!

  2. Hi Kellyanne!! I hope things are going well for you in Haiti!