Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Washington DC

I am getting so behind with putting up pictures of our adventures! So this will be a lot of images and not much writing.

We spent just one full day in Washington DC (not nearly enough time!) and so naturally we used our time wisely by seeing the sights that are within the one area. Only thing is in pictures and maps the National Mall looks nice and easy to get around, and it is, it also looks like all the sights are close together.

We found out otherwise.

Yes the monuments can be found within the same area, but that area is SO spread out. We absolutely destroyed our feet walking everywhere, not to mention we did it in 104F (or 40C) temperature. There were repercussions for days after!

We loved our time in DC and only wished we could have had a few extra days. Maybe next time!

1. Chrystal City Station
2. Washington Monument
3. First squirrel sighting
4. Smithsonian
5. Exhibit on the origin of the "Star Spangled Banner"
6.The Capitol
7. Us
8. Shot of us in reflection
9. The white house
10. world War 2 memorial
11. Um...the Reflecting Pool?!
12. Lincoln Memorial
13. Abraham Lincoln

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