Sunday, August 7, 2011

New York City Day 1

Day one in NYC started with a grey sky that did absolutely nothing to dampen our spirits over being in a city that you spend your life seeing in movies and imagining what it will be like to maybe, someday get to see it in real life.

We opted to stay on Staten Island, mostly because it was way cheaper and wouldn't cost us extra to park the car at the hotel. Our hotel offered free shuttles to the ferry terminal so it seemed to us the perfect place to stay. And if it didn't work out we could always go to a hotel in Manhattan later in the week, since we only booked two nights to start off with.

Our first view of the NYC skyline came from across the bay.
It was a spectacular sight of muted greys.

We spend the day wandering around some of the sights in and around the financial district.
The Brooklyn Bridge. (I am going to embarrassingly admit that I only made it half way across the bridge before I was overcome with the fear that the whole thing would collapse underneath me and I would plunge into the murky east river below)
We took in the architecture of the city....
And familiar sights.
We ended the day on one of these with the city skyline receding in the background.

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