Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Vege Patch

A couple of weeks after we got home from the USA I decided it was time to finally plant a vegetable garden. This is how it looked the day I put in all the plants.

This is how it looks now!

We planted tomato, cucumber, capsicum, jalapeno chili's, snow peas, beetroot, broccoli, strawberries and some herbs.

I tasted the first berry the other day, and this morning I was able to pick some broccoli, snow peas and mint. We have also used the coriander a few times in our dinner!

It's so rewarding to see things growing and to then be able to cook with and eat the "fruits" of my own labour.

I am so excited for the tomatoes to start appearing. I'm dreaming of the salads and sauces I can make from them. Yum!

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