Wednesday, August 15, 2012

28 Weeks!

Baby size: Almost 38cm long and weighing in about 1kg.
How far along: 28 weeks. Hello final trimester!!
Sleep: I'm waking a couple of times a night now to go to the bathroom and I finally started to sleep with a pillow tucked between my legs. So much more comfortable!
Maternity clothes: Still managing to fit into non-maternity clothing, although my jeans are starting to really get tight! I might have to move onto leggings soon!
Food cravings:
Food aversions: Still just my meat and cooked veg hatred!
Symptoms: The only real "symptom" I suppose I have noticed recently is if I get a little carried away and over do things a little, like gardening or clearing things out around the house. I get really sore in my lower abdomen and in my back. Other than that I have been very fortunate. Morning sickness has been gone for months, and I have yet to get heartburn. I'm sure that won't be far off as the baby gets bigger though, so I'll enjoy not having that while I can!
Midwife's Appointment: Had one last Thursday and everything was fine once again! Little baby's heartbeat was pounding away, and we were able to ask Kerry all the questions that have been simmering in our minds from the birth classes. It was great to be able to clarify some things and find out if any of the hospital policies would disrupt our desires for the birth of our little one, and how much control we can have over the environment that we will birth in, despite it being a start birthing room at a hospital!
Movement: There are now several times a day where I really notice baby's activity. Quite early in the morning, in the afternoon around 3 or 4 o'clock, and again when I go to bed at night.
Gender: Not too long now until we find out!
Best moment of the week: Finishing work!!!
What I miss: Variety in food. Some days I go vegetarian because I'm sick of chicken being my only meat source! I can't wait to have a nice lasagna or one of Dave's amazing steaks!
What I'm looking forward to: Using my extra leave time to finish off my to-do list.

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