Monday, August 27, 2012


Like everyone I am a little addicted to Pinterest.

Like a lot of people I pin away merrily, and then never actually get around to making any of the things I have pinned.

Anyone else have that problem?

I have decided that with this gift of extra time I have been given I am actually going to do some projects and I thought I might share some of the ones I plan on tackling.

I have the canvas already to go for this one, I just need to do the outlines of the letters and then paint them on!

source: via Sharen on Pinterest
We are doing a variation on this for my baby shower invites!!

source: via Sharen on Pinterest
After seeing these gorgeous hospital photos I want to make some felt bunting to take with us to the hospital. I'll make a set in pink and in blue since we don't know yet what we're having!

source:  Katie Evans Photography via Sharen on Pinterest
source: benzie via Sharen on Pinterest

I also want to make a couple of quilts/blankets for the baby.

source: via Sharen on Pinterest
souce: Iviebaby via Sharen on Pinterest
source: via Sharen on Pinterest
So there are a few projects that I hope to complete before baby arrives, which considering I'm 30 weeks tomorrow, is not too far away!

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  1. I made a Pinterest account for my business last week but I have yet to pin anything lol. I'm afraid of getting sucked in! I know I'm going to want to make so many things. I do go there from time to time though and now that the holidays are coming up, I need some decorating ideas.