Tuesday, August 28, 2012

30 weeks


Baby size: Baby is roughly 40cm long and weighs around 1300 grams (1.3kg!)
How far along: 30 weeks today
Sleep: I'm waking at least once during the night for a little pitt stop.
Maternity clothes: Still in my non-maternity at the moment. Fingers crossed that our weather warms up soon and I might be able to avoid having to buy any specific maternity items.
Food cravings: Still no real cravings.
Food aversions: Just the same, red meat and cooked vegetables!
Symptoms: Sleep is getting a little uncomfortable, just because I want to lay on my back or on my right side, but know I shouldn't. My stomach also gets really tight at the end of the day and that can be pretty uncomfortable.
Midwifes appointment: Thursday this week.
Movement: Baby has a couple of busy times of the day, and if I lean a book or my arm on my belly, baby gives a little kick, but movement is still fairly masked by the placenta position I think, which means we don't get to feel heaps of the baby's movement.
Gender: Dave still thinks it will be a boy!
Best moment of the week: Finishing up work early was a very nice surprise! Also some books arrived on parenting that I can't wait to get into.
What I miss: I really don't miss anything much at all!
What I'm looking forward to: Getting a chest of drawers for the baby's room, and finishing off all my spring cleaning around the house. Then I'll be able to get on with some of the more fun things about getting ready for the baby - the nice decorative touches on his or her room.

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  1. Found you via The Wiegand's....love this especially because I'm 30 weeks as well as of Thursday :) Due date Nov. 8th. Hope you are feeling well, can't wait to watch your progress over these next few weeks! New follower here :)