Wednesday, September 12, 2012

32 Weeks

Baby size: around 42-43 cm long and should weigh around 1702 grams or 3.75lbs, although according to the ultrasound we had on Monday, baby weighs closer to 4lbs!
How far along: 32 weeks and 1 day
Sleep: Getting harder to stay comfortable throughout the whole night. I did have one night where I slept the whole way through over the weekend though. That was nice!
Maternity clothes: Still no maternity clothing just yet, but being able to be at home and wear yoga pants a lot is nice. I'm sure I would be down to very few options if I was still working!
Food cravings: Again, still nothing really here, although I have been loving M&M's this week. I usually wouldn't buy them because they are the one chocolate I cannot have in the house or I devour it, but I have giving in. They were on special!
Food aversions: Still off that beef and cooked vegetables, although last night I was dreaming of roast veggies. Looking forward to having some of those again.
Symptoms: I really cannot believe that I haven't experienced many of the symptoms that are listed in books on the the internet
Midwifes appointment: My belly was measuring at the correct week (go figure that one out?!! Belly measures correct, but baby's weight is a week ahead. I hope I don't have to birth a whopper!) He or she also has her head down nice and low, which we have been told is great, and when that happens at around the 30 week mark the head usually stays there.
Movement: Baby got wriggly over the last couple of weeks! Either that, or I am just able to feel it more now that baby is bigger. Our next appointment is next Thursday afternoon.
Gender: Dave is still convinced it's a boy. I kind of hope so too because we cannot come up with a girls name that we love.
Best moment of the week: Dave being able to have some really good feels of the baby moving, and being able to have the extra ultrasound appointment to see the little munchkin once more before birth.
What I miss: Sleeping well (better get used to that hey), and more dinner options. I'm a little sick of our menu. I can only imagine Dave is too, but he would never say so.
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our baby! We are so ready to see this little one face to face.

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  1. Lol at birthing a whopper. We are getting close eek!