Wednesday, July 18, 2012

24 Weeks

Baby's size: baby is approximately 30cm long and weighs around 600 grams

How far along: 24 weeks

Sleep: sleep has been a little restless the last couple of weeks. I wouldn't say I'm uncomfortable, but I am waking a few times each night. I also usually need to get up to pee once a night. 

Maternity clothing: no maternity clothing yet. I am crossing my fingers I can get away without having to buy any maternity clothing, especially because it's so expensive. I have bought a few tops that are a size or so bigger than I normally would, and hopefully as the weather warms up I can wear those with leggings, or layer with some dresses.

Food cravings: still no cravings. Just waiting for that one to kick in!

Food aversions: still the cooked vegetables and red meat, although I told Dave the other night that I want to go out for Mexican for my birthday next month for my favourite, shredded beef taquitos. We'll see how they go down and maybe after I'll add some meat back into my diet!

Symptoms: I have definitely noticed over the last few weeks that my stomach is being pushed up. If I eat too much I struggle to breathe comfortable after! This has been made a little difficult over the last 3 or 4 days as my appetite has increased!

Midwife's appointment: we had our appointment a couple of weeks ago, and it went great. Kerry was able to tell us more about my low lying placenta. I have what they call an anterior low-lying placenta, which means it's sitting low near my cervix and at the front. They like for it to be nice and high in the uterus away from the cervix, as if they sit too close to or covering the cervix it makes vaginal birth difficult and sometimes not possible. Thankfully, my placenta was about an inch and a half away from my cervix, and it should keep moving away and my uterus expands over the next few months. But the good side is that we get another scan at around the 34 week mark, just make sure it has shifted up. Praying that it does!!

Movement:  still not a lot, but that is due to the position of the placenta. Kerry was able to explain to us that because the placenta is sitting at the front, it is in between baby and me, and therefore is blocking me from being able to feel most of the baby's movement. There are a few times a day where baby must be especially active and I can really feel the movement, and also if baby is feeling squashed up in there, like if I lean something on my lower abdomen, it gets a little cranky and gives a few good kick to show it's displeasure!

Gender: it's a surprise. However, this week I have begun to doubt this decision. The closer we get to meeting our little one, the more I want to name him or her and connect with him in a new way. At least we get the extra scan. I can always change my mind and find out then!

Best moment of the week: Sunday morning Dave finally got too feel the baby kicking! Yay. I have been waiting for this for weeks now! He was lying on my stomach singing to the baby, and little one obviously didn't like being squashed down there because Dave got 10 or so good kicks to the head!! Baby not happy!

What I miss: nothing at all!

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our baby!! I had a dream last night that we were bringing her (yes, in my dream it was a girl Dave! haha) home from the hospital! In my dream she had blue eyes and really dark hair - not sure where that came from! It made me really want to get stuck into getting the room all finished. I just can't wait to be holding him or her in my arms and looking into it's sweet little face, feeling it's fingers wrap around mine. 

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