Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Since our Saturday morning even, we have kept things pretty quiet around here. Dave started a new (old!) job on Monday, so he's been settling in there, and I'm still getting back into the swing of things after the school holidays.

We have had some mould issues in our bathroom cabinet the last few winters, and this year I decided to really fix the problem. I spent a week de-moulding the cupboard walls and shelves, and have been giving it a new coat of paint. Hopefully we won't have the mould back next year!

Both Dave and I have been making the most of our cleared out front room, using the elliptical machine nearly every day - we're going to be so fit! Well, Dave might be, for some reason my belly doesn't seem to be getting any flatter?! ;)

My parents got back yesterday from six weeks in Alaska and Canada. They brought back this adorable moose for the baby.

Today I'm enjoying my day off, and about to go catch up with a friend. I should probably shower before I do that...

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