Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics

I love the Olympics. Not just a little bit, and my family can testify to this fact. It was only recently that I got rid of about 30 VCR tapes of Olympic (and Commonwealth games) gymnastics, and opening and closing ceremony footage.

Like I said, Love it!

Dave and I are going to sleep on the couch tonight so that in the morning we can simply turn the TV on and watch the opening ceremony live. At 5:30 am.

Yes, that's right, 5:30 AM!

We're committed here people.

In fact I have contemplated using up several days of sick leave over the next two weeks so I can get a really good fix of Olympic-y goodness.

I love watching the medal ceremonies. I cry right along with the athletes and their families. The sheer elation on their faces, the moment they realise they have won, a lifetime of sacrifice and unthinkable hard work finally recognised - it's the best!

No single athlete gets to the games all on their own. Their support team is just as vital as anything else they do in preparation. Their win, is their teams win, their medal is their parents medal. The parents who got up at the crack of dawn six days a week to drive them to the pool, the parents who changed jobs and moved the whole family to a different city or state to help their child achieve their dream.

So, I shall spend the next two weeks glued to the TV, inspired by the athletes, cheering on the Aussies, pretending I have dust in my eyes during the medal ceremonies and imagining myself to be ten years old again, dreaming that I might be an Olympic gymnast one day.


  1. I so agree girl - love this and love the Olympics! Watching now :)

    Just found your blog through The Wiegand's link up, excited to follow along & read more!


    1. Hi Erin, I'm excited to have you following along! xx

  2. Spotted this blog post in the Wiegand's link up...well done on getting up so early! Did you enjoy the ceremony? I'm English so I'm a bit biased but I thought it was great- definitely captured the British spirit I think.

    1. Louise it was fantastic!! Well worth getting up early for, although I'm paying for it now!