Thursday, October 13, 2011

Missional Focus: {Day 11} Mission Aviation Fellowship

Today's mission focus is on Mission Aviation Fellowship. This organisation is seriously cool, and without their support and partnership, a number of other mission organisations wouldn't be able to reach some of the people they can.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is an organisation that uses aviation to help spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus to people around the world who are in remote and isolated locations.
MAF operates 125 aircraft in 35 countries with around 1000 staff throughout Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the Pacific and using resources from MAF Canada, MAF USA, MAF South Africa, MAF Europe and MAF Australia/New Zealand. Every six minutes an MAF plane takes off somewhere in the world to serve isolated people. How cool is that!
MAF International Asia Pacific provides vital air transport for people living in remote communities of Papua New Guinea, North Australia, Bangladesh and East Timor. Along with serving other missions organisations MAF also provides medical assistance, disaster response, and community development, as well as the training and development of indigenous people.
What MAF do plays such a vital role in sharing the Gospel and God's love around the world!

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