Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Missional Focus: {Day 20} Kellyanne

Today I thought I would share a link to my friend Kellyanne who made the decision to leave Australia this year and move to Haiti to teach in a school over there for the next couple of years!


Kellyanne is working at Quisqueya Christian School teaching grade 3 students and as she herself says:

"I want to partner with God and His purpose for Haiti. God is in the business of restoring people to Himself and bringing Hope to all nations. I want to be a part of His plan to rebuild the nation of Haiti. I want to live life on purpose by being intentional about what I do each day; by showing God's love to the people I meet. I want to encourage and motivate others to live their life for God's purpose and to use their unique talents to make a difference to the world around them."

Beautiful. Inside and out!

Check out her blog to see more of her adventures and her heart for Haiti and God!


  1. Thanks Sharen! It was great to reread my beginning thoughts about moving to Haiti. None of that has changed! This Thursday I'll be speaking at a Haitian Women's Bible Study (held every week at my place) about the very same thing; God's heart to "restore".

    Please pray that my interpreter translates well. x

  2. Sure will pray!! Hope it all goes well xx