Friday, October 28, 2011

Missional Focus: {Day 22} Defining Missional

I guess it probably seems a little weird to be defining "missional" after talking about it for more than 20 days, but hey, that's me!

Be warned, my definition isn't wordy or overly theological. It isn't refined or even complete.

I have no doubt that God will grow my definition as He grows my heart to be more like His Son.

But, I am going to give it a crack!

Being missional is living a life that involves intentionally serving others to win more to Christ through living out and sharing the Gospel.

The end.

Just kidding!

This one sentence doesn't really do justice to all that I believe living missionally means, but I think it's a good starting point.

This is a great article on defining missional by Alan Hirsch.

In fact I probably could have just done a link to that article and have not written anything myself.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more thoughts. Or maybe I'll just have some links to people who say things way better than me. You'll have to come back to find out.

So suspenseful, no?!

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