Thursday, October 27, 2011

Missional Focus: {Day 21} Looking Forward

We have spent the last 20 days looking at a whole bunch of organisations and people who are doing life missionally. Each one of the individuals bring their own gifts and talents to whatever it is they are doing. Each organisation likewise has the area that they specialise in. I hope if you have been following along that you have been encouraged and even inspired by the individuals, families and organisations.

For the next ten days though I hope to dig a little into what it means to be missional.

I am so not an expert,far from it in fact. I'm just someone who is realising that I haven't been living my life like Jesus wants me to be. I have spent so many years just doing church, the kind of church where I go along on Sunday mornings and to my small group during the week, and then I might be involved in a ministry area like youth leading or on the music team. The kind of doing church that is all about programs and feeding those who are already full and meeting all the wants of people who should probably already be mature in the faith.

The problem was that all of this was deeply dissatisfying. So I pulled right back from serving in any ministry areas with my church home and I have spent this year really looking at myself and trying to hear God's heart for my life, my role in His greater story, and my role in the church.

I believe that I will only feel dissatisfied when I am simply trying to feed myself more and more, when I am gorging on everything the modern church programs can offer. I get so frustrated with it all! (mostly with myself!)

So please join me for the journey over the next ten days as I try to hash out a little bit more some of what I believe God has been speaking to me about. It's not anything "new," it's actually a very old way of doing things, but it is a new way of living for me.

I would love it if you wanted to join the conversation by leaving comments. It would be great to have some dialogue going where people felt they could share their thoughts too!


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